Your Success is Our Business

Business success today needs you to be excellent at every element of your business.

Crockett & Co. strive to give you expert advice when you need it!

Inspirational Leadership

  • Individual leadership assessments
  • Strategic market reviews
  • Inspiring “Purpose, Vision and Mission statements”
  • Company structural reviews
  • Incentive and remuneration proposals
  • Developing and implement key measures of company performance

Financial Understanding and Success

  • Accurate business plans
  • Margin improvement proposals
  • Unit economics
  • Forensic business accounts analysis
  • Activity Based Costing analysis and recommendations
  • Investment reviews and proposals

Great Company Culture

  • Cultural assessments
  • Cultural transformation plans
  • Cultural engagement
  • New cultural designs and proposals

Effective Marketing

  • Brand reviews and designs
  • Marketing strategy proposals
  • Marketing campaigns, proposals and plans
  • Digital marketing campaigns, measurement and management

Competitive Products and Services

  • Competitive assessments
  • Product or service reviews and proposals
  • New product or service designs
  • Customer product or service value analysis and proposals
  • Product or service pricing analysis with proposals

 Successful Sales

  • Sales effectiveness reviews and improvement proposals
  • Sales channel benchmarking and proposals
  • New sales channels proposals and analysis
  • Sales incentives proposals

Creating Positive
Customer Experiences

  • Customer experience reviews and proposals
  • Customer experience designs and proposals
  • Service economics analysis for investment decisions

Informed Investing

  • Analysis and proposals
  • Strategic investments
  • New technologies
  • New partners
  • Acquisitions

Efficient Processes

  • Process analysis and proposals
  • New process design and implementation